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Me & My Mind

A few months ago I came across a fabulous 21-day mental wellness challenge post on Pinterest and as usual, I forwarded it around for others to have a look. Most agreed that it was a superb challenge to undertake, but none of us got started on it. So four days ago, when I found myself burdened by high-intensity emotions, tightly-crammed to-do-lists, and mommy-guilt of not doing enough, I decided to take a step back and embark on my mental wellness journey. The list looks pretty simple. It says I have to detox, then refuel and finally recenter. But is it really that simple?

My to-do for today is to call someone I love. Basically, reconnect. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. I’ve nearly forgotten what it is to call and have a one-on-one conversation for no reason at all. With all the messaging apps available, I barely pick up the phone to talk anymore. I’m guilty of using emojis in the most heart-heavy conversations, too. It’s much easier to stick in a sad smiley than to type in a few lines of…

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