A tense called the Present

Exactly a year ago I had posted a blog titled Today-Not Tomorrow-Not Yesterday and believe me when I was typing it out I don’t think I understood then, the gravity of that sentence, as I do today. I wrote about praying, exercising, sipping on tea leisurely etc. etc. basically about being more casual and less rigid about what we expect from life. And while I still stand by those thoughts, today I feel a little less sure about the casual bit. Should we accept our blessings with a casual attitude, as if we are entitled and deserving of all the graces we receive?

Today more than ever, after losing my sister to a 20-month long battle called Cancer, I understand the importance of gratitude. And of the many things I have learnt from her, Gratitude for Today will be the best life lesson I will treasure. Even during life’s detours, she was an optimist-a pillar of strength with her roots deeply set in prayer.

So, l intend to be grateful for Today, every single day; Today is the only important day in my life…
…Because today I have a family; today I have financial stability; today I have good health; today I have friends… and the list goes on. No one, not even the brightest minds on this planet have seen tomorrow; although, many have claimed to predict the future. So why then do we focus so much on tomorrow or five years or even ten years from now?

As a parent I feel terrified about the world Lil Z is growing up in. We’ve been trained to ensure we have a five-year goal. We carry that question right off the office conference room table into our homes. Planning is great; I’m not against it. It definitely gives structure to our lives, but I’ve come to realise the joys I have felt in the last few months have come from the lil surprises life threw my way when I least expected. And the biggest hurdles I’ve faced were when my plans flew right out the window and problems presented themselves forcing me to abandon my previous plans and make room for new ones.

Change is inevitable…it’s for this very reason we have different seasons in our life.

So let’s hug and love today,
Smile and laugh,
And argue our differences today;
Play when we can work

And enjoy that gift called LIFE today.


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