Are our 30s the new 20s?

Happy Happy Happy New Year Everyone!

I've had a slow first week and I'm loving it. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet at home (even with a toddler...beat that). I'm actually tired after my three-week visit to the motherland. I was supposed to be on a break...a vacation. Umm, somehow it didn't feel like it. I was genuinely happy to meet all my friends after two years, and I had all my dates worked out even before I landed in Mumbai. I didn't want to miss out on spending time with anyone.

I have fabulous friends who did a bit of research and picked some darling places we could meet at. The brief was simple. "Mommy has some nights to herself. Let's drink to that."  In my 20s that last sentence would have been taken literally...somehow this time it meant three sangrias, no mixing alcohol, and ensuring I can get myself home sober enough to not wake up my little girl who would be sleeping in my bed. That is a lot of pressure ain't it? But it didn't end at that. Once I reached the venue, I had added pressure of staying awake. The yawns just wouldn't stop. They began around 9.30 p.m. At first they came in fifteen minute intervals and then it was every three minutes. What had happened?
Was I bored with the company? No. Was the music too loud? Oh hell, yes! At the end of the night I was the only one with a sore throat, since I was competing with the DJ. Had I passed my usual bed time? No. Most days I don't sleep before midnight in Bangkok. So then what was the issue? The only answer I think there AGE.

Please don't misinterpret that answer.

I didn't mean old and that there is no room for "fun" in a 30-somethings life. The fun is just different. A whole-lot different. I prefer having my alcohol early-when the orange rays still colour the sky. I like to wind up at a time that gives me an hour of solitude at home before I go to bed. I don't like the idea of a throbbing hangover the next day. And it's not just the social travel format has changed too. Even if my husband and I were travelling sans the little one...I'm pretty sure I'm over the "let's rough it out experience".

So when I read these 30s are the new 20s articles I can't help wonder HOW and WHY!
Our 30s aren't bad. So why do they have to be a new-something-old? They are great as they are... a new set of challenges, and experiences, and achievements and love, and responsibilities and the list goes on. In my opinion, if the shoe doesn't fit there is no point trying to squeeze your foot in...even it looks fabulous from afar?

So, I hope this year we will encourage each other to be proud of the age we are at and move forward. That's life. Age is just a number...and numbers only progress one way...forward!


  1. I so loved this article Donna. And it's so true. Let's live the age we are meant to. Enthusiasm doesn't die, priorities change. I can totally relate to the yawns and no drinking part. Life needs to get compartmentalised to accommodate what matters the most at that time

  2. I hear you Juilee. Seasons of life is what I call it :0


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