Dependence vs Independence

The past week has been an important one for my little family. Lil Z is growing up and it's time to go school hunting, so that's just what we did. She was more than excited to participate in the recce and insisted she should carry her new school bag  (my husband and I are a little nutty like that... we picked the bag before closing on the school). On reaching the school premises she greeted the principal with a Good Morning Madam Gazelle and I was hoping that fine lady didn't catch her sentence (Mdm Gazelle is Peppa's teacher...that piggy show is part of her toddler DNA now). Lil Z was putting her best foot forward and had a little chat with the principal too. She even did an independent inspection of her prospective first school just before she decided to throw a tantrum about not wanting to leave yet. She wanted to stay back and play!
"She is very independent, I don't think we will have too much trouble with her adapting to formal school," Mdm Gazelle said.

I came home like one proud Momma...pleased with myself that I did a good job...when suddenly it dawned on me...Lil Z doesn't need me as much as I would lik to believe. She was beginning to have a life of her own...a personality that was shining beyond me and I wasn't so sure if I wanted to be proud or feel sorry for myself that she was slowly slipping away... to unbeatable Life.

And then two nights ago Lil Z  picked up a flu bug and has been down with a fever ever since. Most times I find myself pissed off about how I should have avoided a certain place or whine about how tired I am from disturbed sleep...but this morning I didn't experience any kind of irritability. It so happened that at 2 a.m.  when I was attending to my sick baby she wrapped her little arms around me and said "Mama please hug me." It was the sweetest most vulnerbale and loving four words of dependence I needed to hear.  It felt good to know I was still her tower of comfort.
The days are long but the years are short is probably the best parenting advice I've received for there is no truth truer than that.


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