This Is Us

'This is Us'

Well if you are wondering what I'm getting at...This is Us is the name of a brilliant television show and I highly recommend a watch. I've been talking about it all week; I love drama and I usually get very involved with the characters...but this show was just something else for me. It spoke to me...watching this show felt like a therapist-patient relationship. One participant did most of the speaking and it wasn't me. Well, I am not going to share spoilers and ruin it for those who haven't watched the show yet, but I would like to certainly share some key life lessons that I took away from this incredible show.

1. Parents make mistakes. 
This is a big one and it holds true for biological parents, single parents, homosexual parents, foster parents and step parents...just any type of parent. And there is only one good reason why parents make mistakes. That's because we are human! We weren't born to be perfect and we certainly aren't here to create and groom perfect little beings. So let's give ourselves a break and cut our own elderly parents a little slack too.

2. Parents are not solely responsible for it all.
Yea...that's right. Fifty percent of who our children become may depend on us...but what happened to the world they were exposed to? Let's not forget people eventually make their own choices...good, bad...even the ugly ones. People. It is true...our kids grow up to be people who trust their own gut to make those life choices. So if you suck it isn't entirely your parents' fault and if you are great generous and share the joy with the good folks who tried their best, so that you would turn out okay.

3.  Life invariably throws us a second chance.
But here is the tricky thing...sometimes we are too afraid to risk rocking the comfortable boat we are sailing in... you see, second chances don't always come in a a honey coated glaze or in a neatly tied up gift basket. Second chances can be hard too...but you can't take away the fact that it is still an open window to do what you always wanted or hoped to do. I hate to admit...we always have a choice-the choice to say I'm happy where I am or to go out there and change what's not right.

4. Moments of doubt are sometimes shabbily wrapped up gifts called moments of truth.
There will be days where nothing adds up, and you realize you never managed to buy the duplex apartment or have three kids like you hoped for or occupy the corner office you first laid your eyes on...just know that despite all of that...YOU alone are ENOUGH to be happy in this lifetime. 

5. Lastly, pay it forward.
Don't let the favour stop at you. From all the people in the universe, you were chosen to receive that specific is now your turn to ensure the baton of hope and goodwill continues to exchange hands. Sow good seeds, reap great harvest...

That's all the life lessons I've learned from this untill the next season...remember, no matter how many detours your life might take, you will learn something on each road...and it's going to be alright.


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