My Picasso Moment

I've been super lazy the past few other words, I'm having the perfect vacation. Lil Z doesn't have much to complain about either. She has been lapping up all the love and pampering that she can from her nonna and aunt. My sister did notice that I was getting a little too attached to the warm couch and planned a fun sibling night out for us. Having not had many night outs the past three years I decided to go with the flow and surprise myself with her choice of activity - PAINT NIGHT.

I had heard about it before...a fine drink in one hand and a paint brush in another...seemed quite thrilling!

So three nights ago I got out of my cosy pyjamas and made a lil effort with the heels and make-up. Yea, heels and lipstick seem like effort once you've been home for two and half years ( just saying).

Once I reached the venue I felt a lot less nervous. We were the first few to arrive, so I got a few extra minutes to acquaint myself with all the art supplies. I've never painted with 3 types of brushes on canvas before...or some reason I felt like an artist even before I dipped my brush in the paint pallette. I put on my apron and out of the blue I had a milenial moment, and so we indulged in a few selfies. What if I splashed paint all over myself by the end of the evening...I didn't want to miss capturing my first experience at paint night.

Our instructor began with a few basic instructions and it all seemed super simple as the words fell out of her mouth. Before I lay my brush on the canvas I promised myself one thing - I will not be competitive!
I was just going to have fun and learn a few new strokes. I planned not to look at my sister's canvas was her fourth time at a paint night. To be honest it is much easier to not be competitive when you know very little about the art.

I began well and was pretty darn pleased with myself...and then somewhere between  Black eyes peas' I got a feeling and the foot tapping Kung Fu fighting...I lost all control over my brush and my the master piece I hoped to sell for a few thousand dollars turned into a disaster. Picasso had left my body. At times like these you tend to appreciate the skills you've been blessed with and feel thankful for your actual day job that brings bread to the table.  At one point I actually wanted to leave behind my canvas and not have to carry it home...but you know there is no feeling a plate of buffalo wings doused with hot sauce can't off we trotted to our favourite Cheesecake Factory to complete our night out. As I sank my teeth into that juicy piece of meat, the evening felt just right.

So here is a little tip - when you try out new it for the experience. Leave the expectations at home and you won't be disappointed.


  1. What did u finally paint? You must post that pic instead...😀


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