When it's all about the threes...

Sometimes a wrong question can lead you down a very scary path, and that's exactly what happened to me. A few months ago before we left for our holiday to the US, I casually asked my daughter if she would like to have a birthday party for her third birthday. 'Yes, Mama. I want to have a party tomorrow.' Lil Z replied excitedly. I managed to convince her that tomorrow was a little too soon and that she would have to wait until we were in the US with her little cousins. I thought it would be a cool idea since keeping the distance in mind I'm not sure how many birthdays she would get to celebrate with them.

I suck at all things crafty, but to Z's good luck she has enthusiastic aunts and an even more enthusiastic grandmother who were eager to get into action the moment I announced the theme out loud. No prizes for guessing the theme she chose - Peppa! Oh yes, and she gave me another option just in case - Max and Ruby. Toddlers these days have back up plans too.

I can safely say she had a real fun birthday and was genuinely thankful too. But then suddenly once we got back she sprung a new one on me. 'Mama, I'm three years old. I want three parties.'

Silence. My mind goes blank. My first response. NO!

Lil Z is persistent and I can't blame here...she gets it from her dad...they both don't tire.

'I want three parties. I have three best friends.' Suddenly it's all about the number three and she wants three presents too. A little over a month ago she supposedly had two best friends and now she has three (she has more friends here in Bangkok than her parents...no surprise here again). When I asked her who her new best friend was...she says 'I'm thinking.' Bang on! Well, the third one just might be the imaginary friend I hear her talking gibberish to ever so often.

So I've spent the last few days thinking may be I should just let her have her way.  I know there will be a time when she is a real teenager (not a threenager...yes there is a sadass word called threenager) ) and I'll probably be begging her to celebrate her birtday with us (I hope not though.) Lil Z loves going to her friends' birthday parties and it's not the cake or the bouncy castles that she is after...it's the whole Happy Birthday sing song that thrills her. She loves standing right next to the birthday boy/girl and smiling her dimpled smile as if we were all singing for her. So this threenager's mother is going to have to get her act together and figure out how to organize two more without losing her mind. I'm far from a pinterest mom, but you got to do what you got to do, right? Well that's my go to party planner then.
Initially, I was leaning towards outsourcing the responsibility to a play centre but I got a clear mandate, 'I want a party at home just like that one with Rachu and Lali and Zuese (her cousins and their dog).' Well minus the dog I think I can handle the rest. Time will tell if I succeed at bringing a smile to her face or bore the other kids away...but that will be fodder for a later post.

So here's a little tip on how not to plan a three-year-old's birthday party.

Don't ever ever ask them if they want one in the first place...and if you do, then suck it up and just get it done because they are three only once.


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