The joy of little surprises

Come August and I am going to experience my first mommy graduation. I will soon be a pre-schooler mom. Boy! Time does fly by...doesn't it? I can now say that since I've successfully crossed the toddler bridge. But the last three years weren't a piece of cake. Don't let FB posts fool you. Not all days are unicorns and sunshine.
I'm an accidental-stay-at-home mother and surprisingly my daughter has been my biggest supporter. She does have her "I'm the queen of the universe" days, but it doesn't compare to the manic mommy days I've had, and she's been my cheerleader all along.
To celebrate her last few days at home, before she sets off to make new friends and explore the world on her own, I decided to surprise her this morning. I casually asked her if she would like to go outdoors and do something fun today. She gave me a sideways look and was wondering if I was being sadistic and meant taking her bicycle downstairs for a spin. 'Yeah,' she drawled.
'Where do you feel like going?' I asked.
Lil Z jumped at the opportunity and voted for Molly Fantasy, her favorite play centre.
'What about Dinosaur Planet?' I asked.
Lil Z's eyes lit up. She thought she heard wrong. " Dinoshaur planet mama, really?'
She had been asking me to take her there for a while now, and I kept putting it on hold. If I was going to celebrate my littlest best friend, it had to be a place that would delight her.
'Can we go to the Cafe, after that?' Lil Z was pushing her luck. But she happened to catch me in a good mid-week mood, and the Cafe became part of the plan. In all honesty, I actually like it when she asks to go to a cafe. It's our little thing!
She was all dressed up in less than fifteen minutes today sans her usual whining to use the loo before we leave. Just before we got out the door, she asked if she could take her Velociraptor along. It made sense, and he hopped in my backpack and off we trotted along.
Lil Z let out a little shriek as we walked past the entrance. She was so excited, I thought she'd pee her pants. But then suddenly something snapped. Lil Z heard the dinosaur installations roar and saw parts of their body move around. She looked like a scared little lamb who had just seen a wolf.  She threw a fit and began to run towards the entrance gate. It took a few minutes of cajoling and ruining part of the experience by telling her they were big "toys" Fear soon disappeared and impish behavior followed with her insisting she wanted to pull their tails.
Mommy decided it was time to distract her with a dinosaur ride and some sand play excavation. But what surprised me the most was that she was one of the few children who wasn't yelling her lungs out at the 4D Deep world attraction. Instead, I heard her yelling "Fight Dinoshaur, Fight."
Now was that a result of the little dinosaur pit fights we have at home with her toys or she's just like her father who enjoys aggressive sports, time will tell.
Sadly, we weren't able to get on board Dino Eye. Luckily, she wasn't too disappointed despite the fact that we didn't ride the ferris wheel. On our way out she grabbed my hand and told me she'd had a really good time at the dinosaur park.
As I stood by the cafe counter ordering a chicken wrap and cream cheese bagel, from the corner of my eye I saw Lil Z holding a seat for us. And that for me was my best moment of the day. I realized then that I'd finally hit that sweet friendship spot with my little girl; I wasn't the only one who'd found a lifelong friend; she had, too.


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